Thursday, May 7, 2015

Social Insights: In Conversation with Brian Fanzo

In our hyper-connected environment, leaving Social Business out of the strategic equation is not really an option – it’s a necessary part of the mix to change the way companies work and to reach customers where they are.

imageSome companies – even large enterprises – are inherently social. Think born-on-the-cloud companies who started out in the digital age. But for the majority of companies, it’s still a struggle to put social to good use beyond marketing.

To get to the bottom of it, we talked to Brian Fanzo, Chief Digital Strategist at Broadsuite and one of the Economist’s Top 25 Social Business Leaders. In the latest Talking Insights Podcast from the IBM Center for Applied Insights, he shares real-world examples of how social is being implemented and benefits of adoption, from sales to the supply chain.

Customer engagement nirvana: Share what you know, especially with customers. Beyond marketing or selling, use social channels to build relationships. Analyze and understand social data to personalize interactions based on customer behavior.

Employees as social rock stars: Recruit strong social advocates to share best practices internally and increase social sharing. And continually train new employees who don’t have to “unlearn” things, to turn them into brand ambassadors.

Company-wide cultural change: Tap the C-suite to practice the value of social and implement strategies that take effect top down. The impact of social can be built in across the enterprise to emphasize collaboration across the ecosystem.

Brian also discusses how social adoption is mirroring the findings in a recent IBM thought leadership study, Charting the Social Universe. From the more common starting point of collaboration and HR tools, to more sophisticated social analytics and business processes, it's really more a question of which entry point makes the most sense for a particular organization, than if it will embark on a social initiative at all.

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And stay tuned for upcoming podcasts in the series including, up next, a conversation with IBM’s Andrew Grill.

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