Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Delicious Customer Experience One Slice at a Time

What does the man famously known around Finland as “The Pizza Guy” have to do with social business? A whole lot actually!

During IBM’s Amplify conference I found myself in a session listening to Tommi Tervanen, CEO of Finland’s Kotipizza chain of restaurants, as he explained his company’s approach towards creating irresistible customer experiences. It both inspired me and made me quite hungry.

Kotipizza’s commitment to sustainability, great service, and a seamless digital experience were more than impressive to learn about. What blew me out of the water, however, was the company’s dedication to being a social business.

Not only does Kotipizza have a strong presence on social platforms, but learning that the CEO Tervanen personally ran his company’s Twitter account for several years made me want to jump out of my seat and hug him! Talk about a leader who truly believes and understands the power of social business!

Tervanen and his team create a more personalized customer experience by responding to any and all tweets that mention Kotipizza. They let customers know that the company cares about what they have to say and ensure that all customer feedback is channeled to the right people at the company.

Tervanen and his team also mine social conversations for food trends. For example, Terevan mentioned that avocados were being added to the Kotipizza topping menu next month after social listening determined that avocados were becoming popular with Kotipizza’s customers.

Tommi Teravan is known as “The Pizza Guy” in Finland for a reason – he rules pizza conversations in the social universe in order to provide the best possible customer experience to fans of Kotipizza. To a Social Business marketer, that’s a slice of heaven!



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