Friday, May 22, 2015

IBM Digital Experience 2015: Make Your Digital Presence Stand Out

Because there are so many new ways for customers to engage with businesses, and so many businesses to engage with, it is essential to make your digital presence stand out from the crowd. Targeted content, consistent multi-channel experiences, and interactive user interfaces are no longer exceptional―they’re expected. And while it’s critical to provide an engaging digital experience in order to maintain relationships and reach new clients, delivering dynamic content across multiple channels can seem like a daunting task, especially to non-technical employees.

Don’t be discouraged! Digital Experience solutions like IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager enable users―even those without technical backgrounds―to create and manage content, as well as build customized and highly-interactive user interfaces for enterprise applications on any device.

IBM Digital Experience 2015, June 1-4 in Atlanta, GA, offers a unique opportunity for you to explore the latest Digital Experience solutions, gain an understanding of the tangible business benefits, and find the best ways to optimize solutions that you may already use. With over 120 unique sessions across six tracks, and presenters ranging from IBM experts, IBM Business Partners, and successful Digital Experience clients, businesses from every industry and employees at every level will find applicable insights about the latest strategies and innovations. The sessions are supplemented by a broad range of educational forums, hands-on labs, demonstrations and technical certifications, all designed to build your skills and put you in touch with experts that will positively influence the success of your projects. Whether you’re looking for practical experience or guidance on strategy and methodology, IBM Digital Experience 2015 will give you the power to transform the way you engage with your clients and employees to drive loyalty and growth.

One of the featured products you’ll be able to explore at the conference is IBM Web Content Manager. With this web experience management software, you can create and manage content without taking control away from IT professionals. The software’s personalization support, site builder, rich text editing tools and content templates make delivering targeted and dynamic content in multiple languages fast and easy.

IBM Digital Experience solutions like IBM Web Content Manager can help you make an impact with each business interaction, which can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation and profitable growth. Register now for IBM Digital Experience 2015 and gain the knowledge, strategy, and hands-on experience you need to maximize the business value of your digital experience platform deployments.



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