Monday, May 4, 2015

#MediaChat Recap: Social Collaboration with Michelle Killebrew

On the latest #MediaChat our guest was Michelle Killebrew from IBM on the topic of "Social Collaboration.”

Michelle Killebrew is passionate about marketing, especially innovative digital marketing strategies that deliver a superior brand experience – from initial acquisition through to loyal customer – and increase growth and profitability. She currently leads digital direct marketing and transformation for the IBM Cloud division where her team is responsible for the marketing strategy and lead generation engine for the division, including a digital lab designed to optimize digital platforms and user experience.

Recently, Michelle led the go-to-market strategy for the IBM Social Business category, where her team focused on the strategy, messaging, positioning, thought leadership and content for the over 400 solutions that define social business and demonstrate how organizations can embrace this next information revolution in the workforce; a #NewWaytoWork. 

We started our Q&A by asking Michelle to explain the best ways of shifting an organization into social collaboration environments.

Michelle shared that top down and bottom up you must have executive support and employee advocates. If only top-down, a system is built that isn’t used and the project fails. If only bottom-up, then you end up with siloed systems all over your organization with teams using different tools.

We asked Michelle if email still has a role to play in the future of social collaboration?

Absolutely, email still plays a role in social collaboration, but we need to use it properly, as correspondence, Michelle explained. Social collaboration is ideal when you need to collaborate with multiple people or teams. IBM Verse brings email and collaboration together beautifully to help streamline the experience between each. IBM Verse reimagines email and collaboration because it brings them together with analytics to help you work more effectively.


In our final question to Michelle we asked her, what does the future of social collaboration look like in the next 3-5 years?

Michelle shared that she believes real-time communication will become even more seamless, and we’ll see even more video. She also believes it will become ubiquitous in our “normal” lives both inside and outside of work! And of course that IBM Verse is taking us towards that future; integrating collaboration + mail + analytics + design.

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