Thursday, July 16, 2015

The POWER of Crowdsourcing

It turns out that the world's first 7 nanometer chip wasn't the only INCREDIBLE thing IBM accomplished last week!


Just last week it was announced that a virtual supercomputer created by IBM helped scientists in discovering a phenomenon that could enhance access to clean water for one billion people.

And I can proudly state that I helped make this possible.


How? By simply installing the World Community Grid app on my laptop and smartphone and letting the good work begin!


Scientists at Tsinghua University in China announced the discovery of the conditions required for moving water via carbon nanotubes 300 percent faster without the need of further energy.


The computational simulation study that led to this new method of improving water filtration and water quality was powered by IBM's World Community Grid.


We’ve all heard the benefits of crowdsourcing in digital age, but I have never heard a more inspiring and amazing crowdsourcing story than this!


This discovery would not have occurred without crowdsourced computing. Researchers executed a vast number of simulations using the donated surplus processing power of IBM's World Community Grid, harnessing three million connected computers from more than 700,000 "citizen-scientist" volunteers globally.


The one hundred million calculations carried out by IBM's virtual, crowdsourced supercomputer for the Computing for Clean Water project would have cost $15 million if they were performed commercially, and the study would’ve taken over 37,000 years had it been undertaken on a single-processor PC. Talk about the “power” of community crowdsourcing!


If you don't have World Community Grid downloaded to your phone / laptop, please make sure to check it out here: One of the coolest parts of being a community member, besides powering science and enabling good in the world, is that you can share the amount of hours you’ve donated per week with your social networks – now that’s what I call social currency!



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