Monday, July 27, 2015

Now Trending: Millennial Employees

Just who are the millennials?  The renegades of the digital world? The dreamers? The trendsetters?


As the first generation raised in an immersive digital world, millennials represent the key to the digital transformation and survival of companies across the globe. There’s no doubt, we are the beauty and brains behind some of the most innovative entrepreneurial and strategic business initiatives springing up daily. (Just take a look at companies like Warby Parker, Facebook and FourSquare.)


As this new group of leaders, thinkers, and believers rises in the ranks, it remains imperative that employers keep close tabs on the habits, expectations, and motivations of millennial employees.


Here are a few cultural investments businesses need to make to equip, empower, and retain their millennials:


1.   Inspiration – Inspiration in the workplace is a major component of millennial motivation. Some major questions you might find millennials asking ourselves include: Where are the leaders in this picture? Who is setting the pace? How does this impact the overarching goals of the business? Providing millennials with the tools to deepen their general understanding of business fundamentals is a quick way to inspire and educate.


2.   Individualization – All in all, millennials mirror other generations in a desire to contribute purposefully, be recognized, and develop professionally. The truth is, we desire to be perceived simultaneously as a team player and an individual.  Companies that successfully inspire millennials to cultivate their unique talents and gifts where they overlap with business outcomes keep employees incentivized and empower. Feeling like “just a number” is a no-go for millennial strivers.


3.   Collaboration – The ultra-connected personal lives of millennials contribute to our desire for connection, teamwork, and collaboration in the workplace. In many cases, collaboration is a way for millennials to stay in the know with latest news or business trends. Working on collaborative projects or in a more “open office” environment is a way to enhance each employee’s general awareness of what is happening within the business, what’s important, and what’s not. Collaboration on teams of diverse talents and backgrounds serves up a potent cocktail of potential for innovation.


4.   Innovation – This global generation sees no boundaries to the positive impact we can have within the workplace, and even the world at large. As our global society expands rapidly, millennials want to make an impact using creativity and efficiency. Nickel-and-diming your way through business is not a way to keep millennials invested. Companies that voraciously explore new technologies and seek new ways to accomplish old goals keep millennials motivated and interested. 


If you think it’s time to take the next step with your employees, check out the Digital Experience Website. If you’d like to read more about IBM's millennial research, you can download the study.



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