Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Earning Your Upvote with Millennial Customers

There’s a new elephant in the room for client-facing businesses. It’s targeting the millennial customer. The world’s largest generation is rising to the store front with unmet needs and it’s time to start pairing marketing efforts with those needs. If you’re tapping into the millennial segment for the first time, here are a few critical millennial must-haves to keep in mind:


Be relevant.

Millennials are fully aware that a correlation exists between technology and competitiveness. One of the best ways to hold millennial customers’ attention is to prove your relevance through innovative offerings. This means having a cutting-edge digital presence and a customer experience that reflects conscientiousness. Around the world, success is being defined by incremental innovations to old technologies and services that transform a previously tedious effort (like catching a cab) into a non-negotiable necessity for daily life. This relevance and accessibility make millennials uber-excited. (Yes, we’re talking about Uber.)


Be personal.

Millennials aren’t looking for a one-size–fits-all solution to their needs. Millennial customers expect to be engaged in a specific, compelling way from day one. Thriving companies, such as Warby Parker, capitalize on customer preferences to create tailored customer experiences like never before. Be prepared for millennials to judge you based on their first impression, and you want their perspective to be 20/20 in your favor. Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel special, and millennials are no exception!


Be excellent.

We don’t need to see you do it all; we need to see you do one thing with excellence. (Really, we want to know where you are head and shoulders above the rest!) How far are you willing to go to refine your offerings to truly meet the needs of your up-and-coming millennial customers? Having one excellent solution is worth its weight in bitcoins. The days of providing a marginal solution to tackle many problems at once are over.


This new buyer group is forcing companies to think and act for the future. If you think it’s time to take the next step with your customers, check out the Digital Experience Website. If you’d like to read more about IBM's millennial researchyou can download the study.



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