Monday, June 1, 2015

Not Your Typical Sales Listing

My boyfriend and I have an odd game we’ve been playing for years. We love looking at NYC apartment sales listings and sending each other the links to the ones we would buy if we were to strike it rich by winning the lottery. 

As I took my usual fifteen minute lunch break today I stumbled across the best apartment listing I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t the apartment itself – although I certainly wouldn’t mind living in a gorgeous, $6+ million, 2 bedroom and 2.5 bath apartment with private terrace right on Gramercy Park. Rather, it was the listing description that struck such a strong chord with me.

Instead of a typical listing written by the real estate agency’s copywriter, the agent asked the current apartment owner to write about his experience living in the apartment. This didn’t read like a typical sales listing. It’s a personal story about a man, his apartment, and the extraordinary life he lived in it:

Lately it seems like “millennials,” “marketing,” and “the power of storytelling” are written about in every article and spoken about at every TED Talk and conference keynote across the globe. Yes, we’ve heard it a million times, especially in the digital age. But I dare you to read this apartment listing and tell me that the idea behind the power of personal storytelling isn’t valid.

If you can pull at the heartstrings and capture the attention of a millennial (like me) with a simple story about a man’s 46 years spent in his apartment, imagine what you could do with the story of your brand and your products. It’s time for people to start thinking more like this real estate company and less like marketing machines. Authentic, honest, emotional stories – these may be millennial buzzwords but they are buzzwords for a reason.

Here’s hoping tonight's Mega Millions jackpot has my name on it!



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