Wednesday, June 24, 2015

IBM and Box forge a global partnership to transform work in the cloud

Organizations continue to look for ways to empower their most precious asset – people – with flatter organizations, data-driven insights, and flexible work styles. To create these more engaging workplaces – which in turn improve customer engagement and the bottom line – organizations of all shapes and sizes are becoming social businesses. IBM has been thinking about this for some time. That thinking, like the 2014 CEO Study, and the Millennials in the Workplace study, has been helping customers understand how leaders create competitive advantage from employee and customer engagement.


The definition of a social business continues to evolve, driven by rapid evolution in technology and employee diversity. It’s a vibrant marketplace, with hundreds of companies cooperating and competing for ways to help businesses harness social engagement. IBM’s leadership in the space is due to our maniacal focus on driving customer success. And I couldn’t be more proud of those results:


A vibrant social business ecosystem is needed to create the right business value for your specific organizational needs. That is why an open, easy-to-integrate, yet secure platform approach is so important. A platform that ideally is delivered in the cloud as well as on premises, to a wide range of mobile devices, and is informed by intelligence and analytics.


Building upon that vibrant ecosystem, IBM and Box today announced a global partnership that will combine the best-in-class technologies and resources of both companies to transform work in the cloud. You can read more about the announcement, including the press release, on


This announcement is about supporting customer choice, open platforms, and heterogeneous environments. IBM and Box will work together to continue integrating their existing services for customers, while developing and reselling a new set of secure and innovative solutions across a comprehensive content management portfolio. For social collaboration, in addition to improving the existing Box Plugin for IBM Connections, IBM and Box will look for opportunities to drive further social collaboration innovation for customers, including not just IBM Connections but also our most recent and exciting addition to the collaboration space, IBM Verse.


We encourage you to join the IBM and Box announcement webcast, “Transforming Work,” taking place Wednesday July 15, 9am Pacific Time. Click here to learn more and register for the webcast.

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