Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Move from Google Mail to IBM Verse

A new post on SocializeMe:Recently, I helped a company move from Google Apps to the IBM Connections Cloud. They were attracted by IBM Verse and were heavy users of Google Mail and they needed a new way to manage the flood of email that was coming in and impacting their productivity. They did their migration in mid-March.

Back in February I started to do some research to figure out how this could be done. ​​ So how did I do it? The actual technical part was pretty straightforward.. in fact, as easy as drag-n-drop as you'll see below. Things were made easy because this company only used the Google Mail portion of Google Apps.

So here's the process to migrate:

  1. Buy IBM Connections Cloud S1 via .
  2. I created the 10 user accounts for the company with Mail and Connections entitlement. This was pretty easy
  3. Configure mail routing and DNS settings as documented here.
  4. Then, proceed to enable IMAP for the IBM mail service as documented here
  5. Now with your favorite IMAP client (I used Apple Mail) configure both the Google Mail account and the IBM Mail account. Instructions for Apple Mail and adding your IBM mail account via IMAP are here.
  6. And then for the super easy part...
  7. Drag-n-drop all your folders from Google mail to IBM Mail
  8. Drag-n-drop all your sent mails from Google mail to a "Old Sent" folder in IBM Mail
  9. Drag-n-drop all your emails in the Google mail inbox to the IBM inbox
  10. Suspend the account in Google Mail
  11. Repeat steps 7-9 for every account
  12. Voilá

And that was it. The customer is now running their mail with IBM Verse. If you want help with this process, I would recommend engaging one of our expert consultants in this area.

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