Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GSX Provides Real-Time Monitoring for IBM Connections

A new post on SocializeMe:IBM Connections allows customer to choose how they want to run and get values from the platform. For example, there are organizations that would choose to run in cloud for a "hands-free" environment. No need to worry about outages, upgrades, etc.

Other organizations would need the flexibility and customizability that an on-premises deployment would provide. For those of you who have decided to run IBM Connections on-premises you might want to check out this partner offering.

GSX for IBM Connections provides a powerful way to monitor critical components of the platform. Some of the capabilities you'll have:

  • Proactive notifications to get instantly alerted based on pre-defined thresholds
  • End-to-end performance monitoring include databases, application servers and more
  • Responsive time of end user experience
  • One real-time dashboard to see at a glance the status of all services and performance metrics

Here's a quick 3 minute demo to give you a better idea of what the solution can do at a glance:

For a more detailed demo, check this 11 minute version out: https://youtu.be/yZv1YBi2g9o . To learn more about GSX, visit http://ift.tt/2a6eXMc . And this is just timely there's an upcoming webinar on September 1st, 2016. Go this link and reserve your seat now.

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