Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life Hacks: Empowering Women in the Workplace

It’s time to face embrace the facts: men and women are different, bringing a diverse set of strengths to the workplace.


We fought hard (and are still fighting) for equality and rights, but equality doesn’t mean fitting into a “man’s world,” it means being accepted for the powerful, persuasive team players that we are. For years we’ve been trying to adapt women to the workplace – think shoulder pads and masculine attitudes – instead of adapting the workplace to fit the professional attributes and needs of women. Women are still making less than men for the same jobs … and even in 2015, promotion and rating systems are geared toward rewarding male employees.  


Companies that begin to not only understand gender differences, but appreciate and encourage them, will find themselves with a more innovative, thriving and complete workforce.


These tips aren’t focused on changing women, but empowering them. As a proud woman, I bring you the next edition of the IBM Life Hacks: Empowering Women in the Workplace.



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