Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bring Your Social Values to Work

As much as has been made about the fact that all businesses are now social businesses, we still hear stories of companies that have failed in their social business endeavors, especially when it comes to building an integrated and holistic internal program. That’s because too many companies simply slap together an internal networking platform and command employees to use it. Instead, orgs should be taking the time to put together a solution that not only lets employees work with their current business processes in a natural way, but also lets them bring their social values from home into the workplace.

This new video from IBM Social Business captures the spirit of this idea.

We are all, as the video says, a collection of our ideas, our experiences and the cultures that form us. Rather than leaving this at the door when we clock in in the morning, we should bring all of it with us to work. We are used to sharing our passions and our interests and our imagination with our social communities. We need to learn to share these at work as well, the better to build relationships, engage in productive and even serendipitous conversations, and spark new ideas.

If we bring the same freedom and values we treasure in our personal lives to bear upon our professional lives, and our company culture is one that is conducive these social values and practices, we open up worlds of opportunities for ourselves and our colleagues. If we check our values at the door, or if the organization stifles them through a toxic culture or lack of social infrastructure, we and our colleagues are robbed of inspiration and insights, and the fires of innovation are extinguished before the spark can even be struck.

from Social Business Insights Blog


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