Thursday, September 4, 2014

Engaging Employees to Drive the Business: The Smarter Workforce ebook

image “The Smarter Workforce story is the story of how we work.” So begins the new ebook “Engaging Employees to Drive the Business: How IBM uses workforce science, analytics and collaboration tools to build its Smarter Workforce” (available here). This story starts with IBM’s recognition that we have entered the era of the empowered individual, and this new era requires a new HR strategy encompassing work, talent and culture.

Core to the strategy and its three tent poles is the need to engage employees. Empowered employees can be a company’s greatest asset, but only if the company puts people at the center. Employees who aren’t engaged will be underutilized and unproductive – until ultimately they leave for greener pastures, typically at a competitor. Organizations which don’t want to suffer this fate must transform their workforce accordingly.

In chapters on work, talent and culture, the ebook explains how IBM implemented its Smarter Workforce initiative to transform its HR operations. The company approached those three core components not as separate but as interdependent, and it brought to bear all of its expertise and experience in the tools and the organization necessary to achieve a robust and meaningful workforce transformation.

IBM’s own HR transformation holds lessons for other companies undertaking a strategic approach to aligning work, talent and culture to put employees at the center. Big data and analytics, for example, are giving companies unprecedented insight into human behavior, including what makes people good at what they do. That insight is absolutely fundamental to finding, attracting and retaining top talent.

Mobile and cloud give people the anywhere, anytime access to the information and expertise that allow them to perform to their fullest potential, while social business lets employees connect and collaborate to achieve a collective impact far greater than that of any individual. Social is also a key to transforming culture, creating the interactions needed for learning, sharing, innovation and much more.


Like all good stories, the Smarter Workforce story is still being written. Business conditions will continue to evolve, and with that will come evolutions in how we work. “Engaging Employees to Drive the Business” presents critical insights on what companies need to consider when designing their workforce strategy, with plenty of food for thought about the road ahead.

You can access the ebook here, and be sure to share it on your social channels!

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