Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Greene, Tweed Takes SocBiz Approach to Content Management

Managing intranet content might seem like an inherently social endeavor, yet many companies still approach it in a siloed, decentralized manner. Greene, Tweed used to be one of those companies, with content management employees struggling to collaborate and share information on project work. Recognizing the need to foster innovation in a more effective manner and to keep all of its employees connected as it expanded globally, the Pennsylvania firm partnered with IBM on a collaboration solution and quickly saw results.

The solution was IBM Connections software, and Greene, Tweed chose it because it “supports the way we already work together,” according to Dennis Potts, portal architect at Greene, Tweed. The company develops and manufactures high-performance materials and engineered solutions for industries such as aerospace, oilfield and semiconductor. With facilities across the Americas, Europe and Asia, the firm has realized real benefits from integrating social business tools with intranet content management.

For instance, Greene, Tweed has improved global project team efficiency, reduced IT costs and allowed project teams to meet their Six Sigma performance benchmarks. Plus, the solution is keeping employees connected. As Gerald D’Ambra of Greene, Tweed internal communications says, “By integrating our intranet content through one source — IBM Connections — we’re making it faster and easier to share company information, news and success stories.”

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