Thursday, March 31, 2011

ATLAS Demo - Connections Enterprise Social Collaboration - Turbocharged

Hundreds of IBM customers have successful enterprise social collaboration platforms using the IBM Connections product.  One of the greatest benefits of Connections is the sophistication of Profiles.  Profiles allow employees to establish sophisticated professional collaborative networks.

Atlas is a very interesting tool which gives IBM Customers a way to better understand the relationships that  evolve in the system.  

Think of the ways this can be used:

  • By individuals seeking an "expert" 
  • As a method to build new teams and understand strengths.
  • As a way to identify weak or isolated teams by their lack of interaction with others.
  • Mapping these social findings against process maps
    • You can likely predict where hand-offs will fail
    • You can likely find where strong processes can be expanded
    • You will likely find training opportunities and team building opportunities!
There so many facets to how the social network information which is gathered in Connections can be used in Operations Research, HR, Training, Process Improvement, etc.

You too can gain all of this insight by following two steps:
  1. Get Social (use IBM Connections in your company)
  2. Do Business (using Connections and Atlas to gain valuable insight)

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